It's Not Just Control It's Intelligent Block Heater Control

PowerSync Intelligent block heater controller's will control your fleet block heaters with our advanced patented algrorithms, delivering you staggering amounts of electrical savings!

Our revolutionary fleet technology will save you money year after year: 

An estimated 3 year savings for a fleet of 40 vehicles could save your school or buiness up to $32,000

User Friendly Controls with remote access - Advanced scheduling feature guaranteed to reduce your fleet costs

Integrated intelligence - make decisions when  activating your block heater circuits that will maximize your savings

Patented Multi-Vehicle controller - Up to 42 vehicles with an incredible Zone control feature  

Recognized by most major utility companies for custom incentives of up to 75% of the total project cost 

#1 multi-vehicle block heater controller on the market


If you're looking for proven fleet cost reduction contact us now!  


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PowerSync’s engine block heater controller uses a patented control algorithm that was designed to maximize savings for any type of fleet. Our Intelligent controllers know when to energize your engine block heater circuits, saving you thousands of dollars year after year!

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If not all of your fleet trucks or buses go out on the same schedule, then our patented “Zone” feature is for you!  Configure up to (4) zones with different schedules and increase your savings even more!

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Our panels can be built with a few connection protocols to make it easy to connect to building management systems, facility networks, or wireless devices.

BACnet over IP



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Do You want to know how much savings PowerSync will deliver your school or business?

We will provide you a free energy analysis RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX!

You will be surprised to see the incrediable amount of savings you will get using our intellegent engine block heater controller. Just click the button below and give us the following information:

– Number of trucks or buses in your fleet

– Cost you pay for power (if not known we can use $.12/kWh)

– What is your fleet schedule ( est. hours you plug in)

We will get your “Free” anaysis out to you within 48 hrs.


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    The Incredible Savings From PowerSync

    PowerSync’s Intelligent block heater controllers know when to energize your block heater circuits to get the maximum amount of savings year after year.

    Our many energy saving features available with PowerSync controllers will put the power back in your budget.

    Activate our “Zone” feature and manage up to (4) seperate fleet schedules.

    Ethernet / BACnet connection feature allows you control remotely.

    The PowerSync will control up to 42 trucks / Buses in one single panel.



    (40) Fleet Vehicle Est. Savings

    1.25 Kw Block Heaters $.12 kWh power cost Your cost w/o PowerSync- $15,171 Your cost with PowerSync – $1,026 Annual Savings – $14,1451.25

    (60) Fleet Vehicle Est. Savings

    1.25 Kw Block Heaters $.12 kWh power cost Your cost w/o PowerSync – $22,757 Your cost with PowerSync- $1,539 Annual Savings – $21,2181.25

    (80) Fleet Vehicle Est. Savings

    1.25 Kw Block Heaters $.12 kWh power cost Your cost w/o PowerSync – $30,343 Your cost with PowerSync – $2,052 Annual Savings – $28,2911.25

    (100) Fleet Vehicle Est. Savings

    1.25 Kw Block Heaters $.12 kWh power cost Your cost w/o PowerSync – $37,929 Your cost with PowerSync – $2,565 Annual Savings – $35,3641.25

    Comparison of… Household heater vs block heaters

    Block heating your fleet is an expensive necessity for many fleet owners.  In order for you to visualize how much block heating is costing your fleet operation we will use the common household portable heater’s electrical usage to the fleet engine block heater.

    The household heater uses 1500 watts of electricity which equates to about $21 per week or $84 per month for a normal household electric bill.  Chances are this is not a device you would use to heat your home on a regular basis due to the increase on your electric bill.

    Now for easy comparison take that $84 per month and times that by the number of vehicles in your fleet.  The electric usage for an average fleet of 20 trucks/buses is about $8,400 annually.  Don’t continue to pay this high electric bills when you have a solution like PowerSync Block Heater Controller.


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    PowerSync Customer Service

    If you need parts or service for your PowerSync panel please call one of the numbers below or leave a comment on our contact page.

    Kurt – President / Energy Consulant (317) 695-5275

    Sonny – Vice President / Engineering (765) 650-0372

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    Intelligent Fleet Engine Block Heater Controller By Power Grid Energy Solutions, LLC

    Intelligent Engine Block Heater Controller - Did you know block heaters could be costing you as much as $450 per vehicle? A medium-sized fleet could see $144,000 in 3-year savings! Contact us today.

    Product Brand: Block Heater Controls

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    PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater ControllerThe only multi-vehicle controller on the market!

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