About PowerSync – Fleet Vehicle Block Heater Controls

PowerSync’s fleet vehicle block heater controls will deliver your school or business fleet energy savings of up to 80% or more as well as control up to 42 diesel vehicles in one single panel. No other block heater control product on the market controls as many vehicles as PowerSync!

At Power Grid Energy Solutions, LLC we not only own the PowerSync fleet vehicle block heater controller, but we invented it too, so you have our personal guarantee to provide a quality American made product that delivers years of incredible savings with exceptional customer service. In 2019 we changed our product name from BrightSync to PowerSync.

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How PowerSync’s Fleet Vehicle Block Heater controls work…

Here’s how it works: Simply program your outside temperature set point and your fleet vehicles operating schedule into our user-friendly controller display and PowerSync’s intelligent controller will do the rest.

By syncing your PowerSync panel with outside temperature, scheduled day, and time our Intelligent control panel will have your fleet vehicles ready to run when you need them. With PowerSync controlling your fleet vehicles block heater circuit, you will use a minimum amount of power keeping your engine blocks ready to start! Get the maximum amount of energy savings.

  • Patented controls algorithms determine the best time to energize your fleet engine block heater circuits. No more using power if you don’t need to.
  • Our panels are designed to install inside or outside.
  • Zone Control – Multiple fleet start times is no problem with PowerSync’s (4) separate start time zones.
  • Custom Built: PowerSync panels can be built to meet any power distribution system layout. Our enclosures are all outside rated to give you years of weatherproof use when mounted outside.
  • PowerSync can manage up to 42 vehicles with one panel, so with PowerSync, there is no need to mess with individual timers or corded devices that will not hold up to extreme use or climate.
  • Soft Start – Bring your fleet circuits on easy so you avoid electrical demand charges on your electric bill.
  • Ethernet/BACnet over IP ready – Get connected and manage your panel remotely.
  • Save energy and thousands of dollars each winter…Get an ROI in 2 winter seasons or less!
  • PowerSync is recognized as “Green Technology” so power company rebates may apply. Be sure to check your local utility for details.

PowerSync was designed and engineered to work with school buses, LTL trucking, delivery vans and other diesel fleet vehicles using engine block heaters. You’ll get years of reliable performance and remarkable energy savings year after year!

Engine block heaters are a necessity for diesel fleets in cold weather climates, but it comes at a huge price, an 1500 watt engine block heater can cost as much as $450 per vehicle! STOP paying those huge electric bills, get PowerSync’s intelligent block heater controller today!

PowerSync was formally the BrightSync block heater controller. The name has changed but we still provide a reliable engine block heater controller with incredible savings for any type of fleet vehicles.

PowerSync was specifically designed for the school bus fleet. Reducing cost for school bus transportation department is important to maintain an top level education for children and PowerSync takes that very serious. Our energy saving product delivers an amazing amount of savings for any fleet. No other product on the market can save your school money like PowerSync’s Intelligent Block Heather controller.

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