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School Budget Cuts due to COVID-19

With the outbreak of Covid-19 school, budgets are going to take a huge hit in budget cuts across the United States. There are many ways schools are going to see a 1 to 10% in school budget cuts over the current year. These Covid-19 school budget cuts will force many schools to consider pay reductions,…
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Reduce Fleet Costs Immediately

All fleet managers and owners are looking for ways they can reduce fleet costs immediately to stay competitive. There are many ways to reduce fleet costs, reduce fleet size, reduce miles traveled to use less fuel are among the most common examples of reducing your costs. These common ideas to reduce fleet operating costs quickly…
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Greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Greenhouse gas emission reduction: The transportation industry contributes 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. There are many areas where the transportation industry uses electricity, for example; offices, heating, and cooling and lighting. One area that seems to be looked over when talking about transportation greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation industry is…
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10 Ways How To Save Energy At School

10 ways how to save energy at school. There are many different ways to reduce your school’s energy use, ranging from simple behavioral adjustments to extensive improvements. Schools use a lot of energy from lighting to climate control, which are necessities for running a facility. These utilities make up a large part of the cost…
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Block Heater Savings – Lawrence Township School Transportation Garage

PowerSync – School bus block heating savings