Block Heater Savings – Lawrence Township School Transportation Garage

Block Heater Savings – Lawrence Township School Transportation Garage

Engine block heaters

Block Heater Savings

To get block heater savings, PowerSync was selected to reduce electrical costs for Lawrence Township schools in Indianapolis, In. The bus garage was ranked as one of the highest operating costs in the school district. Lawrence school bus garage was spending about $47,000 each winter in electrical expense heating engine block heaters.

Below you will find the results based on the date range of October 25 – December 31, 2019. PowerSync is exceeding our original estimated block heater savings projections of $35,000, as you’ll see below.

  • Background
    • Lawrence Township’s bus garage was ranked last in the district in cost
    • Bus block heating was identified as the top areas to reduce costs
    • PowerSync was selected as the solution to reduce block heating electrical cost.
    • $35,000 in estimated savings with a 1.5-year payback
    • The project total cost was $57,000 (installed)
    • 186 buses with 1000 watt block heaters
    • Cost for power $.10 / kWh
    • PowerSync panel install date: 10/6/2019
  • Panel Configuration
    • (4) PowerSync 48 bus panels were installed outside and (1) 16 bus panel was installed inside the parts room
    • Panel outside air temperature setpoint: 26 degrees (temp panels will activate)
    • Panel schedule: Mon-Fri schedule 3 am – 7 am “ON” but only if OA air temp is below 26 degrees. 8am – 11am “OFF” and 12pm – 5pm “ON”
    • Weekend schedule: Saturday 5 am – 4 pm “ON” & Sunday “OFF” 24 hrs
  • Panel Install Date: 10/6/2019
  • Hours used block heating before PowerSync: 1321 hours from Oct 25th – Dec 31st
  • Electrical Cost without PowerSync for the date range above: $24,573
  • PowerSync Results for the date range above: $605

Lawrence Township also was awarded an incentive from Indianapolis Power and Light, totaling $23,300.

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