Reduce Fleet Costs Immediately

Reduce Fleet Costs Immediately

fleet cost reduction

All fleet managers and owners are looking for ways they can reduce fleet costs immediately to stay competitive. There are many ways to reduce fleet costs, reduce fleet size, reduce miles traveled to use less fuel are among the most common examples of reducing your costs.

These common ideas to reduce fleet operating costs quickly become limited because you can only save so much fuel or reduce traveled miles, so the transportation industry is now looking for new technology to help them reduce their costs to stay profitable in this very competitive market.

PowerSync Will Reduce Fleet Costs Immediately

PowerSync is an intelligent block heater controller that will reduce fleet costs immediately once it’s installed and controlling your fleet of trucks or buses. PowerSync is easy to install between your existing power distribution panel and your block heater circuits. Our intelligent controller can manage up to 42 trucks or buses in one single panel, making it a very cost-effective solution for any fleet utilizing bock heaters.

PowerSync works on any type of fleet of trucks or buses and has proven to reduce costs associated with block heating up to 80% or more.

  • Day Cab trucks
  • School Bus
  • Military
  • Delivery Vans
  • Waste hauling
  • Concrete trucks
reduce fleet costs immediately

How Do We Reduce Fleet Cost Savings Immediately?

By syncing your PowerSync panel with outside temperature, scheduled day and time our Intelligent control panel will have your fleet vehicles ready to run when you need them. With PowerSync controller your engine block heater circuits, you will use a minimum amount of power keeping your engine blocks ready to start!

  • Patented controls algorithms determine the best time to energize your fleet engine block heater circuits. No more using power if you don’t need to.
  • Our panels are designed to install inside or outside.
  • Zone Control – Multiple fleet start times is no problem with PowerSync’s (4) separate start time zones.
  • Custom Built: PowerSync panels can be built to meet any power distribution system layout. Our enclosures are all outside rated to give you years of weatherproof use when mounted outside.
  • PowerSync can manage up to 42 vehicles with one panel, so with PowerSync, there is no need to mess with individual timers or corded devices that will not hold up to extreme use or climate.
  • Soft Start – Bring your fleet circuits on easy so you avoid electrical demand charges on your electric bill.
  • Ethernet/BACnet over IP ready – Get connected and manage your panel remotely.
  • Save energy and thousands of dollars each winter…Get an ROI in 2 winter seasons or less!
  • PowerSync is recognized as “Green Technology” so power company rebates may apply. Be sure to check your local utility for details.

PowerSync was designed and engineered to work with school buses, LTL trucking, delivery vans and other diesel fleet vehicles using engine block heaters. You’ll get years of reliable performance and remarkable energy savings year after year!

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