School Budget Cuts due to COVID-19

School Budget Cuts due to COVID-19

With the outbreak of Covid-19 school, budgets are going to take a huge hit in budget cuts across the United States.

There are many ways schools are going to see a 1 to 10% in school budget cuts over the current year. These Covid-19 school budget cuts will force many schools to consider pay reductions, mandatory furloughs, and even some smaller school consolidations.

The budget cuts will equate to millions of dollars in budget shortages for many schools and it will not only effect the schools but also the teachers, staff and students.

If the CDC rolls out new bus social distancing rules with one student per seat and every other seat used, this will also have a huge impact of the transportation departments budget, schedules and most importantly fuel costs.

I am not sure fuel costs are even being considered in the budget short falls, but if the buses have to reduce the number of riders then staggered routes will be a must.

As schools start putting together a plan to deal with the Covid-19 school budget cuts, PowerSync is reaching out to schools across the country to help them reduce their costs by thousands of dollars with our multi-vehicle intelligent block heater controller by Power Grid Energy Solutions

School budget cuts? Get incredible 3-year savings…

  • Small fleet of 10-42 buses $11,340 – $48,300
  • Medium fleet of 43-126 buses $49,450 – $144,900
  • Large Fleet of 127 or more buses (Over) $146,050

Why you need PowerSync…

  • School Budget Cuts due to COVID-19 1An engine block heater cost of up to $378 annually to operate, per bus
  • Put money back in your operational budget
  • Proven electrical savings of up to 80% or more
  • Offset Operational expenses due to Covid-19 budget cuts
  • Fast ROI- 2 years or less in most cases
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces extension cord failures 
  • Reduces the risk of an engine fire
  • Reduces Mechanic over time
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • The only Multi-Vehicle panel on the market
  • Up to 42 buses in one single panel
  • Qualifies for power company incentives up to 40% of the total project cost
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