Greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

transportation greenhouse gas

Greenhouse gas emission reduction:

The transportation industry contributes 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. There are many areas where the transportation industry uses electricity, for example; offices, heating, and cooling and lighting. One area that seems to be looked over when talking about transportation greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation industry is block heating truck engines in the winter. The greenhouse gas emissions used for one truck using an engine block heater is like burning 232 gallons of diesel fuel, so if you were to times that by the number of trucks or buses in your fleet, the greenhouse gas emissions are very high.

So now that we know block heating is a major area of greenhouse gas emissions what can be done to reduce the electric use during winter engine block heating? PowerSync has the answer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for any company or school with a fleet of trucks or buses. PowerSync’s intelligent block heater controller was designed to effectively reduce electrical use as much as 80%. This is why PowerSync is considered a “Green Technology” which qualifies for power company incentives, has patented controls algorithms and controls up to 42 vehicles in one single panel.

The EPA website a great source for supporting data on transportation greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation industry. They also will provide examples of how greenhouse gases can be reduced.

Reducing Emissions from Electricity Read more about reducing your greenhouse gas emissions here on the EPA website.

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